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Welcome to FrisbeeMusic

January 2010 - Lousiville, KY

Wow it's almost been a year since the ReDISCOVERY tour - and I've been busy.

Last fall I started recording an album with my friend Ben Purdom - a dark folk collection we are tracking in multiple locations - look for it later this year.

Right now I'm writing and recording new material for the upcoming Frisbee album called Motorrad. Fast pop with a focus on electric guitars, synthi hooks and Autobahn beats... We'll release in 2010 and add live performance dates as well.

2009 was an intense year for getting input and ideas from many people, places, a few good books (Thomas Paine, Rick Rubin and Diane Arbus). And recently I've been turning my camera lens on the world around me.

I was fortunate to travel to Spain in August and just returned from Switzerland and Austria - part of the inspiration for Motorrad (along with my passion for motorcycle touring).

That's the quick 360 - hope all is well with you - send me an email - I'll be in touch!


Thanks to everyone for their amazing support of ReDISCOVERY album. Here a few details about the campaign…

Officially released completely independent in the summer of 2008, Frisbee has enjoyed a nice amount of love nationally through the radio (over 300 AAA & CMJ stations) and press... some naming ReDISCOVERY one of the best albums of the year.

"Louisville's Aaron Frisbee has come up with one of the best soft pop, adult alternative - whatever you want to call it - albums of the year with ReDISCOVERY. If your tastes run in Michael Penn-Elliott Smith-Neil Finn territory, you'll want to discover this disc." Absolute Power Pop

"...there is a harmonious union of Zen-like romanticism with rational workman-like craft as Frisbee incorporates organic acoustic instrumentation with lush strings, Moog synthesizers and a no-nonsense approach to both his pop-songwriting skills and overall production of the record." Concert Live Wire

Frisbee has licensed songs from the ReDISCOVERY album to 5 MTV Networks shows – The Hills, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Life of Ryan and Ski Patrol.