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On Recording


Aaron Frisbee (his real name) is a Louisville, Kentucky artist releasing ReDISCOVERY, a wide-sweeping manifesto that combines themes of unity, perseverance and meditations on a better world, and presents them with pop sensibility and gusto. This is a story of finding love, loosing love and in the process rediscovering who you are.

ReDISCOVERY was written and produced as an attempt to deliver a classic 70's songwriter's album - thoughtfully sequenced to tell the listener a story unfolding over 45 minutes. Each song acts as a scene in an aural movie. The songs are simple and lyrical with textures that include organic guitars, pianos, strings, analog synthesizers and layered vocals channeling John Lennon and Elliot Smith.

Inspired by Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Aaron Frisbee an avid cross-country touring rider and vintage motorcycle collector - wrote and produced ReDISCOVERY over a two year period with Chip Dumstorf an award winning creative director and strong-willed lyricist (translated: the studio was tense and competitive at times but yielded great collaborations).

The ReDISCOVERY demos were recorded at Aaron Frisbee's home studio in the Louisville Highlands. Live drum parts were tracked in Los Angeles and all other recording took place at Studio640, Aaron Frisbee's HQ in downtown Louisville. Fab Dupont, French super mixer and fierce nationalist (Mark Ronson, Jennifer Lopez, Brazilian Girls) took the mixing reigns beginning with Little One and It Must be Good (Being You). FAB and Frisbee mixed at his NYC East Village studio PureMix.

Aaron Frisbee returned to Louisville to finish the other 11 mixes working remotely with FAB to review and discuss an approach for each song. FAB suggested Dave Kutch (NYC) should master the project (Outkast, Sarah McLachlan, Rod Stewart) and Aaron Frisbee choose Carl Rowatt at TruTone (NYC) to finish the lacquer cut for the double LP (Bruce Springsteen, Kraftwerk).

The album package and "feel" for ReDISCOVERY was also carefully crafted. Chip Dumstorf lead the photography and design, delivering a beautiful CD and LP package.

Why make a double LP, 180-gram audiophile pressing in a digital world? Simple. To serve the album as a revered document, a piece of work unifying art and music. The commitment is clear, ReDISCOVERY demonstrates Aaron Frisbee's dedication to the listener and a chance for the listener to discover Frisbee.